HOOSC (Before and After School Club)

HOOSC - Heathfield Out of School Club
Our before and after school club provides high quality child care for children with lots of activities to occupy the children. Due to statutory staffing ratios, we can take children from after they have turned four. We can sometimes accommodate three year olds where sessions are not full.
Children have a dedicated space in school for club and also access the play areas or school hall for more physical games. Our talented team of Emma Taylor, playleader, and our playworker Alex Helsby, has a wealth of creative talent that they bring to the sessions and children really enjoy the social activities on offer.
We offer wrap a around child care to support our working families.
Hoosc operates  8am - 8.55am in the morning and 3.15pm - 6pm in the evening.

What service can we offer?

We have priced our service to be very competitive against local market rates and to suit all needs


Loyalty bonus: Termly commitment, full sessions

For parents opting for full time wraparound care

Morning sessions/ full week                                 8.00 – 9.00am                   £16.50 (saving £2.25/week)

Afternoon sessions/ full week (includes snack)     3.30 – 6.00pm                  £36 (saving £2.75/week)

Full week of morning and afternoons (includes snack)    8am – 6pm               £50 (saving £7.50/week)


Selected sessions, morning and afternoon rates

For parents committing to a full term’s worth of care with a selection of morning and afternoons as needed

Morning session                                                                 8.00 - 9.00am                     £3.75

After school session (includes snack)                                3.15 - 6.00pm                     £7.75


Casual Child Care

For parents wanting occasional child care, as and when needed, we are trialling this single hour service. These sessions need to be booked a week in advance

                Single hour                        3.15 - 4.15pm                    £4


Half price taster session

We are offering half price taster sessions for parents wanting to try our service. Spaces are limited so early booking is advised

 Single hour taster session                                       3.15 – 4.15pm                    £2

 Full evening taster session (includes snack)             3.15 – 6pm                        £5