Pupil Premium and Sports Premium Reports

The Sports Premium Report and the Pupil Premium Report explain how Heathfield uses addition funding it receives from the DfE.
Pupil Premium

The school is allocated additional funding for those in receipt of free school meals which is referred to as Pupil Premium.


The Governors allocate the money to supporting children's academic and social development; specifically those with language or social and emotional barriers to learning.


We send out letters to support parents in receiving their child's entitlement. For us to check if your child is entitled. 


Please complete the form below to see if you are eligible for Pupil premium funding.

Sport Premium


Sport Premium funding is a grant given each year by government to help schools to raise the profile of sports and physical education in schools as part of the Olympic legacy following the 2012 games.


At Heathfield, we consider sport and physical wellbeing is of vital importance. We invest our sports premium funding in a variety of ways to complement the coaching skills we already have on the staff team.


Heathfield gets involved in a number of inter school sports competitions across the year, that benefits all year groups. Children have also had the opportunity to play football at the Etihad stadium.


Our Sport premium is invested into the staffing of two play leaders to lead games each lunchtime, this involved the Heathfield Champions League tournament each year, as well as a number of other games and events.


We also invest in Commando Joe Character building curriculum. This active, problem solving based team games promote resilience and problem solving as well as physical fitness. The session are run by our own Commando Joe each Monday in school, and children also have the chance to become Junior Joe's as part of our student leadership programme.


For a more detailed breakdown of this funding and spend, please check our reports.