In Early Years, we ensure all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that supports the development of knowledge and skills. Quality and consistency in teaching and learning enables every child to makes good progress from their starting points and ensures no child gets left behind. Every child is included and supported.

The Early Years curriculum aims to provide:

  • an inter connected curriculum that enables children to make meaningful connections
  • holistic development for all children
  • develop the characteristics of effective learning (Heathfield Heart)
  • the cultural capital children need to succeed in the modern world
  • building on new learning through reviewing and revisiting prior learning

The curriculum is structured in a way that offers children the knowledge, understanding and skills to become lifelong learners, enabling children to apply their knowledge and skills to different areas of learning.

Our curriculum is derived from Quality texts and experiences of the wider world.  We recognise the importance of providing children with high quality texts as an essential way to build a wide and rich vocabulary that supports long term memory.  

Stories are repeated and revisited as we believe that repetition is important. By using a range of strategies, we endeavour to ignite a love of stories and rhymes to ensure children want to hear stories again and again.