Learning together, Learning for life

Welcome to the Heathfield Family - a family where everyone is respected, our differences are celebrated and we are united by our shared values, to form the Heathfield rainbow.



At Heathfield we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, positive and aspirational environment for all. We provide an inclusive, connected, broad and balanced curriculum to ensure children meet their full academic, social, emotional and physical potential during their first chapter in their lifelong learning journey.


As a Heathfield Family, we value:


  • The happiness of our children, families and staff
  • A determination that every child will achieve exceptionally well
  • Knowledgeable, physically and mentally healthy children
  • Exemplary behaviour, manners and conduct in line with the Heathfield gold standard
  • Seeking to understand the holistic child, identifying barriers at the earliest point and finding solutions
  • A comprehensive curriculum that creates knowledgeable children (Heathfield head) and nurtures children to develop genuine and robust character traits to prepare children for life in the modern world (Heathfield Heart)
  • Access to enjoyable, exciting learning opportunities with innovative challenges and experiences to consolidate and apply their learning (Heathfield Hands)
  • Communication  - everyone’s voice is heard; classrooms are rich in talk, vocabulary and language 
  • Exciting but safe and secure spaces, indoor and outdoor, where children can explore, discover and experiment
  • A cycle of continuous school improvement and professional development  
  • Excellent teaching and learning through precise knowledge of our children, use of evidence informed practice and adaptive teaching to make learning accessible for all
  • Consistency and accountability – The Heathfield way
  • Children knowing their successes and promoting a sense of pride in their achievements and the stunning work they produce
The Heathfield vision and values below, provide the profound understanding of the purpose and direction of the school and is the standard if measurement against which all actions, of all stakeholders, including children, parents, governors, teachers, are judged against and adjusted, to create, 'The Heathfield Way'
  • Commitment
  • Reflective
  • Communication
  • Self-regulation
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Inclusive
  • Team worker