At Heathfield, we prioritise reading and are determined that every pupil will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. Through reading we aim to develop children’s vocabulary and language comprehension and introduce new concepts and ideas.

There are many strands woven together to create a skilled reader.

At Heathfield, our formula is:

Knowledge + strategy = Skilled reader
Alongside our broad and balanced curriculum, and carefully chosen books and texts, time is spent teaching specific tier 2/3vocabulary, children actively engaging with what they are reading through strategies like timelines, six word summaries, emojis, impression evidence etc and texts building on children's knowledge (schemas) from across the curriculum making links and connections with their knowledge and understanding of the world.
Children phonological awareness (See phonics for more details)
Prosody is the bridge between decoding and comprehension 
Explicit teaching and practice of prosody (expression, pace, smoothness, automaticity, intonation when reading)
Specific skills (linked to content domains) are used to explore the complexity and richness of the texts/books to develop children's knowledge
Together, they create a skilled reader. 



We understand how important it is not only to teach children to be fluent, confident readers but also to excite and engage them whilst building a passion for reading and a deep love of books. Children are therefore provided with a rich diet of reading and access to books from the moment they enter First Steps to the day they leave Year 6.