Our Governing Board is comprised of staff, parents, members of our community and members of the Local Authority. Each member of the board provides a unique perspective and skillset in order to provide effective challenge and support.   


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.
VICE CHAIR OF GOVERNORS:  Mrs. Sharmeen Atcha 
  • Quality of Education (Chair: Mr. Zulfi Jiva)
  • Finance, Resources and Premises  (Chair: Mrs. Sharmeen Atcha)
Mr Zulfi Jiva

Chair of Governors / LA governor

I have been the Chair of Governors at Heathfield Primary School since 2017. I worked in the Public Sector (Local Authority and NHS) for over 15 years in various management roles. I am currently the Assistant Director of Strategy & Innovation at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care.

My working experience has supported me in my role as Chair at Heathfield as I have been able to scrutinise, as well as aid the Head, Mark, and his team, to ensure the school is operating at the highest level possible. I’m passionate not only about delivering outstanding SATs scores, but also about making sure our children are well rounded individuals who are getting the best possible start in life.

It is a privilege to be the Chair of Governors of our fantastic school which we are striving to improve every single day.

Mrs Sharmeen Atcha

Vice Chair of Governors

I have been a Parent Governor at Heathfield Primary School since 2020. I have 2 daughters who currently attend the school.

As a Solicitor by profession, my experience has equipped me well in ensuring the smooth running of the school on a financial level as well as supporting staff in providing the highest level of education. I am committed to providing an environment in which our children can thrive & achieve their full potential. Striving for excellence and continuous development is key to the future success of the school. This is thoroughly echoed with all staff here and I am confident that the school can only go from strength to strength.

Being part of the Heathfield family is something which I am extremely proud to be a part of and I look forward to what the future brings!

Miss Sarah Cooper

Co-opted Governor

I have been a Governor at Heathfield Primary School since 2019. I have worked in the Banking Sector for over 20 years in various roles. Currently, I am an Operations Manager at Lloyds Banking Group, specialising in Fraud and Financial Crime.

My working experience has supported me in my role at Heathfield enabling me to oversight, support and challenge where needed to ensure the school is able to perform at the highest level possible.

I am passionate about ensuring children are well rounded individuals who are getting every opportunity to have the best possible start in life. It is a privilege to not only be a Governor but also to be part of a fantastic school that strives to improve every single day.

Mrs Diane Davies

Parent Governor

I am a Parent Governor at Heathfield Primary School. I have been a parent at Heathfield since 2004 and will continue to be for 3 more years. I have seen many changes over the years and am proud to be a part of Heathfield’s future.

By day, I am a Shared Lives Officer. I support 47 families with varying needs. Shared Lives is a bit like foster care for grown-ups! It is a role that I enjoy very much. No two days are the same. I have to ‘think on my feet’ but I feel privileged to be able to support people to live ordinary yet wonderful lives.

As a parent of a child with Special Educational Needs, I am now learning to look at education through different eyes. I feel that this is giving me a wider insight into the value of how a school is presented to children with differing needs.

Previously, I was a Lecturer in Psychology at Bolton University. Whilst I worked with adults rather than children, I felt this gave me an insight into the challenges and rewards of an educational setting.

I am passionate about education and strongly believe that the experiences of children at school shape their future abilities, beliefs and attitudes.

Mrs Julie Owen

Co-opted Governor

I have been a Co-opted governor at Heathfield Primary School for a number of years. All of my three children attended Heathfield.

My background is in Early Years and I spent most of my working life in an Early Years provision and so I am able to bring those skills to my role as a governor. I attend Connections Community Methodist Church next door to the school and this helps maintain links with the Church.

During my time as a governor, I have seen lots of changes at Heathfield such as the introduction of the First Steps and Nursery provision. This has provided a solid base for children’s continuing development and education.

In my role as a governor, I look forward to working with the Heathfield team and other governors to provide the best resources and education for all the children at the school, enabling each one to reach their potential.

Mr Steve Lawler-Smith

Co-opted Governor

Mr Paul Cohen

Co-opted Governor

I have served on the Board of Governors at Heathfield Primary School since 2021. Prior to this, I served on the Board of Governors at Tonge Moor Community Primary School for 13 years (2007-2020).

I have worked for Bolton Council and Bolton at Home for 37 years. My current role is Senior Manager with responsibility for our Land and Environmental Services department. This allows me to make a difference to the environmental areas of our estates. I would like to see our children at Heathfield become aware of the environment in which they live.

I am the co-founder, with my wife, of CATS Youth Theatre where we provide amateur performing opportunities for children and young people aged between 5 and 21. Since 1994, CATS has been assisting members to develop not only their performance skills, but enhancing, confidence, social skills, and well-being.

I enjoy seeing children develop and become more confident and being a Governor at Heathfield allows me to make a difference to our children’s education. By using my knowledge and skills, I am able to challenge on decisions made, keeping at the forefront that our children are equipped to become independent young people.

Mrs Elizabeth Adam

Parent Governor

I am a parent governor at Heathfield Primary School. I have been a governor for one year.

I am currently a primary school teacher at a school in the Bolton authority. I believe that working in the education sector helps me to understand Heathfield's action plans and share it's overall vision. It also enables me to ask the questions that other parents might be thinking.

I aim to use my own professional training and experiences as a teacher and parent, to challenge the leaders on next steps and offer any suggestions. This will help the governing board and staff to continue to provide a high standard of education and wider, equal opportunities for all.

Mr Will Ackerley

Staff Governor

I am the Staff Governor at Heathfield Primary School. I have been a primary school teacher for 11 years. In that time, I have worked at four schools across Salford and Bolton.

I am a middle leader with responsibility over mathematics and early reading. I am privileged to recently be nominated as the Staff Governor for Heathfield. I am excited to work closely with other members of the governing board.

Being in this unique position means I can educate those outside of education understand how schools work. It is a pleasure to be able to help the governing board to successfully implement the vision of the school.