Commando Joe

Endorsed by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the “world’s greatest living explorer”, our unique character education curriculum is designed to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

Each lesson is structured to give pupils the character tools and values they need to be successful in life such as resilience, determination, empathy, and courage. The Commando Joe sessions use the RESPECT attributes to underpin each mission – Resilience, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication, and Teamwork. These align with the Heathfield Heart character traits – Independent enquirer, resourceful thinker, team-worker, reflective learner, self-manager, and effective participator.


All children in Reception, KS1, and KS2 undertake one mission every fortnight using our COJO box which is filled with everything that is needed to complete each individual mission. Alongside the class teacher and Mr. Hussain, pupils are given the opportunity to complete practical and mental tasks based on a problem that they are required to overcome.


The impact of the sessions is measured during and post-activity through questioning and pupil voice. Class teachers also make connections from the sessions through the wider curriculum.


 The wider effects of the programme are to have:-

  • an impact on overall learning, engagement, attitudes and achievement in class.
  • an improvement in behaviour management, growth mindset, and self-confidence.
  • a practical application of learning helping develop curriculum learning, leading to improved engagement, attendance and attainment


Each class has a 45-minute session, fortnightly. The timetable is as follows:

Week 1: Year 2, Year 1, Reception, and Year 3.

Week 2: Year 5, Year 4, Reception, and Year 6.

If you would like to know more about Commando Joes' please use the link provided below.

Commando Joe Website