Mathematics at Heathfield

Heathfield Curriculum Intent


The children at Heathfield are provided with a an inter connected curriculum that promotes meaningful connections between concepts and knowledge (Heathfield Head), develops genuine and robust character traits to prepare children for life in the modern world (Heathfield Heart) and opportunities for children to use and apply their Head and Heart to answer learning questions (Heathfield Hands) resulting in knowledgeable, physically and mentally healthy children that achieve their potential and have a solid foundation to become lifelong learners.


‘Learning together; Learning for life’

 Maths Curriculum at Heathfield

At Heathfield, the teaching and learning of Mathematics aims to ensure that all children become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics. This is achieved through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems so that children have conceptual understanding, the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately, reason mathematically and solve problems. 

Our curriculum is designed and adapted to ensure we interweave prior content into new concepts, enable children to make connections across Mathematical ideas and gives sufficient time for children to explore concepts in depth, building children’s confidence and understanding.