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Welcome to Year 4 class page

At Heathfield we aim to provide children the best learning experiences to enhance their skills and knowledge. In Year 4 children will get various learning opportunities, both curricular and extra curricular to become life long learners.

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 As a part of homework, children will be provided with various tasks to be completed over each half term. The tasks will be based around English, Maths, Big Question and Science. Children will earn raffle tickets for each task competed. Children can finish the tasks at their own pace, ensuring all the tasks are done by the deadline provided. At the end of each half term, we will draw some raffle tickets from the class box where children will earn some prizes. 


Home Reading

At Heathfield, we encourage children to read and read more to improve their reading and comprehension skills. We have started Reading Promotion at Heathfield, where children earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards, once they have read a certain number of books. To achieve these awards, Children can take a book home, complete a book review and then take a new book. 



 In Year 4 children will get various opportunities to enhance their skills in balancing, defending, striking, catching through sports like gymnastics, Rugby and Hockey. Children must bring their PE kits to school every week. 



Children will learn how to play throughout Year 4. Along with learning to play the instrument children will also learn singing skills. Children can take the Ukulele home to practice once they have returned the permission slip for looking after their Ukuleles. 



At Heathfield, we encourage children to use their best handwriting at all help children improve their handwriting we follow a scheme where children get to practice their handwriting in class every week. I would encourage children to carry on practicing their handwriting at home too. 


Times tables 

From this Year children will be taking Multiplication Tables Check, which is a National Test. The children will be provided 25 multiplication questions and expectation is to get them all correct. The reason behind is this to prepare children for their further learning in Year 5 and 6. Once the children are confident in their times tables, this will help them in problem solving and reasoning in Maths.

Here are some links which children can use at home to practice and learn their times tables.


Hit the Button

TT Rockstars


Big Questions

The Big Question concept is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in children’s work. Children use a Big Question, expressed as a question, as the starting point. Using the information gained from our school context, a series of small questions are then planned. The Big Question needs to make sense to the children and be something that is within their immediate understanding.


Each Big Question is planned in detail keeping in mind that children get to enhance their personal skills and gain the relevant skills and knowledge through detailed and structured lessons. We carry out pre tasks to see what children already know and build on to their knowledge as we go along. We also carry out various retrieval practice technique like quizzes, matching games to help children retain the learning in long-term memory.

Each term we carry out the following Big Questions:

Autumn Term - Why does my local history makes me proud?

Spring Term - How Greek are you?

Summer Term - How have our lives been affected by Anglo Saxons?


Autumn Term - Why Does My Local History Make Me Proud?
As a part of local history, children will learn all about Bolton during Industrial Revolution. Children Will learn the Geography of Bolton and what was life like in the past in comparison to today. Children will also learn various art and DT skills which will be liked to the big Question.
Spring Term - How Greek Are You?
Children will learn all about Ancient Greeks. Children will get opportunities t learn about location of Greece, clothing, food, living, different city states and important legacies left by Ancient Greeks. children will also learn about Greek art and make delicious Greek food as part of DT.
Summer Term - How have our lives been affected by Anglo Saxons?
For this Big Question, children will learn about the Anglo Saxons and their settlement in Britain. Children will learn all about their lifestyle, struggles and how they settled in Britain. Children will also enhance their Geography skills by learning about Anglo Saxon countries and their location in comparison to UK, transport, living standards, food, jobs and legacies.