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Heathfield Intent: The children at Heathfield are provided with a an inter connected curriculum that promotes meaningful connections between concepts and knowledge (Heathfield Head), develops genuine and robust character traits to prepare children for life in the modern world (Heathfield Heart) and opportunities for children to use and apply their Head and Heart to answer learning questions (Heathfield Hands) resulting in knowledgeable, physically and mentally healthy children that achieve their potential and have a solid foundation to become life long learners.


Find all the relevant information for what will be happening in Year 6 on this class page.


Mr Blundell, Mrs Asani and Mrs Entwistle


 As a part of homework, children will be provided with a range of tasks linked to Maths, English and the Big Question. Homework is given out each half term. Raffle tickets are awarded for each task based on creativity and challenge. Children complete tasks at their own pace and in any order. All tasks must be completed by the deadline. At the end of each half term, we will draw some raffle tickets from the class box where children will earn some prizes. 


Please see below for a copy of the Year 6 Autumn 1 homework and the knowledge organisers to support you with learning at home.

Home Reading

At Heathfield, we encourage children to read and read more to improve their reading and comprehension skills. We have implemented a Reading Awards scheme at Heathfield where children earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards, once they have read a certain number of books. To achieve these awards, children can take a book home, complete a book review, and then take a new book. 

Year 6 also use the Reading Plus program three times a week for 30 minutes to improve their reading fluency, stamina, speed and recall. This can also be accessed at home.
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 In Year 6 children will be developing and refining their skills, whilst applying their knowledge of different principles and tactics to a range of different sports. They will improve their knowledge of how to get physically fit and how to evaluate their own performance. Some of the sports covered this year will be: basketball, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, rounders and fitness. Children must wear their PE kits to school every Thursday.

•White t-shirt •Black Shorts or jogging bottoms •Black trainers •Heathfield logo sweatshirt in purple



At Heathfield, we encourage children to use their best handwriting at all times. To help children improve their handwriting we follow a scheme where children get to practice their handwriting in class at least three times a week. It is important that we encourage children to carry on practicing their handwriting at home too. 


Year 6 will following the White Rose scheme of learning for maths. During the first three weeks of the Autumn term, we will be focusing on place value-numbers to 10 million. After that, we will be solving problems using the four operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Following that, we will be be spending four weeks focusing on fractions. This will include: simplifying fraction, dividing, adding, subtracting fractions, adding and subtracting mixed numbers. 


Times tables 

Times tables are practiced daily in Year 5. It is the expectation that children know all the times tables up to and including the 12 times tables. They play a key part in the maths lessons, specifically when problem solving and reasoning. 

Here is the link which children can use at home to practice and learn their times tables.

TT Rockstars

What are SATs?
Your child will have sat SAT tests while in Year 6. They are standardised tests which all 10 and 11 year old children in Year 6 take in school.
They assess:
  • Reading
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) 
  • Maths (arithmetic and reasoning) 
Once completed, the tests are sent away and externally marked, to be returned usually in July. They assess the learning of children from Year 3 to 6, testing the whole key stage objectives.
During the coming months, further information and guidance regarding SATs will be issued to you. SATs are not something which either you or your child should be worried about – that is our job! Instead, they should be approached as an opportunity to showcase everything they have learned throughout their time in Key Stage 2.

Big Questions

In Year 6 they will be learning two Big Questions:

- Did the world defeat hate (World war II)?(Autumn/Spring Term)

- What have we learnt from the Mayans? (Spring/Summer Term)


Each Big Question is planned in detail so children are able to use their prior learning to support the development of new knowledge, understanding and skills.


 For further information, please take a look at the curriculum summaries below.